It works like this:

(Terms and Conditions)

  1. Send the "I MAKE MY MUSIC FORM" on the "I MAKE MY MUSIC" page - filled in.

  2. We will contact you as soon as possible with an email. This email will include links with short audio elements, for example, a link for beats, a link for basses, a link for guitars, etc. These elements are chosen for you depending on how you've filled in the form. When you open the links you will see that the elements are also labeled with numbers, e.g. Beat No. 1, Beat No. 2, etc. There are at least 10 different, sometimes more, variations of each element.

  3. Choose variations of the elements. For example, you choose Beat No. 3, Bass No. 7, Guitar No. 5, etc. You can also choose to not include an element. For example, you don't want guitars in your piece, if that's the case you just don't choose any guitars. As easy as that.

  4. Choose the row of starting the elements that you've already chosen in your music piece. For example, "I want my beat to start first, then my guitars to start second", etc.  You can be more imaginative and specific -  for example, "I want my bass and my beat to start together first, then only guitars" or whatever you want. But the simplest way of arranging is element by element. 

  5. Write down your choice for elements and your choice for the row of starting the elements in an email and send It to our email. (We will attach an example of how to write your choices).

  6. We send your cool music piece to you as a Wave file within 7 business days from the time you have sent the email with your choices.

  7. All this put together is considered to be one session.

  8. One session produces around 30 seconds of music, but never less.

  9. Making your own music is completely free, but of course you can make your donations here if you feel satisfied with the result.

  10. If you still have questions please don't hesitate and contact us.



19.99 U.S. Dollars is a really small donation that helps us to help you with making your own unique music product, which you can use for many things. Check the "Your music" page out to see what cool music people like you have done. No efforts neither knowledge are needed from you. This is a one-of-a-kind-possibility.



The links will be active for 48 hours from the time the email with them is sent to you. After that, if you still have not made and sent your choices to us, you will have to repeat the whole process from the beginning to receive new links. If you have made and sent your choices within these 48 hours, the links will not be active anymore after that.



If you need music with longer than 30sec. duration, or want to edit the music from a previous session, or want to make another cool piece, you can always do that with a new "I Make My Music Form" submitted.