This is the first-ever E-book and book at all on Bulgarian Organ Music. It consists of 223 pages. In the first chapter, you will find the history and  pictures, which I took myself, of all 24 Bulgarian Pipe Organs. There are a lot of detailed tables and diagrams with information for the organs referring to their location, technical capabilities, general condition, and everything that is substantial about them. The charts and diagrams are attended with a text which analyzes them. The second chapter is the essence with the first-ever made catalog of all 185 Bulgarian Organ Pieces. It includes the years of their creation, the names of their 36 composers, their titles, their genres, their ensembles of participants if they are not for solo organ, and their duration in minutes. The data for the organ pieces is also attended by diagrams and a text which analyzes it. In the third chapter, you will find what do Bulgarian Professionals in Organ Music think about it in interviews - there are 16 of them and they are pretty interesting. The outcomes of these interviews are also presented in diagrams with a text which analyzes them as well. Everything in the book is observed and written in details. Once finishing this book, it's a guarantee that you will know more about Bulgarian Organ Music than anyone - no matter they are Bulgarians, no matter they are professionals, they are just fans, it doesn't matter at all. Noone has this information yet. Fortunately, you will have it. 

Organ Music in Bulgaria?!

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